Committee Member Biography

Dave Ross

International and Investment Director, UK Agri-Tech Centre Ltd.

Dave Ross is the current International & Investment Director at UK Agri-Tech Centre, which is the largest agri-tech organisation in the UK, accelerating agri-tech ambitions and agri-innovation. In his role, Dave manages the company’s international activities, focusing on helping UK agri-tech companies expand into overseas markets (thereby improving production sustainability) and assisting overseas companies in establishing themselves in the UK to base their national and international commercial aspirations. He is a trained engineer, with 26 years’ experience of agri-technology in both the cropping and livestock sectors, encompassing a broad range of technology areas. He has been involved in the R&D of a number of novel and patented developments across the agricultural production sectors. Some of these have been fully commercialised and he has assisted with spin-out and new company formations.

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