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EIT Food

EIT Food is the world’s largest and most dynamic agri-food innovation community. We accelerate innovation to build a future-fit agri-food system that produces healthy and sustainable food for all.
Supported by the EU, we invest in projects, organisations, and individuals that share our goals for a healthy and sustainable food system. We unlock innovation potential in businesses and universities and create and scale agri-food startups to bring new technologies and products to market. We equip entrepreneurs and professionals with the skills needed to transform the food system and put consumers at the heart of our work, helping build trust by reconnecting them to the origins of their food.
We are one of 9 innovation communities established by the European Institute for Innovation & Technology (EIT), an independent EU body set up in 2008 to drive innovation and entrepreneurship across Europe.

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UK Agri-Tech Centre

The UK Agri-Tech Centre offers a complete life-cycle of support, driving agri-tech innovation and adoption through world-class facilities, expert knowledge and business support, saving you time and accelerating your progress.

We strengthen the connections between science, business and funders to accelerate research and development, tackling the agri-industry’s most critical challenges such as climate change, labour availability, disease mitigation and environmental sustainability.


Innovate UK BridgeAI

Empowering UK organisations to harness the power of AI through support and funding, bridging the AI divide for a more productive UK.

Longer – Bridging the gap in artificial intelligence: Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds enormous potential for businesses, enhancing productivity and competitiveness. However, adopting AI technology can be challenging. That’s where Innovate UK BridgeAI comes in. Our mission is to help businesses in high growth potential sectors such as agriculture and food processing, construction, creative and transport, logistics and warehousing industries, to harness the power of AI and unlock their full potential. The programme offers funding and support to help innovators assess and implement trusted AI solutions, connect with AI experts, and elevate their AI leadership skills.


Scottish Enterprise

Scottish Enterprise (SE) is Scotland’s national economic development agency and a non-departmental public body of the Scottish Government. It supports businesses to innovate and scale to transform the Scottish economy by focusing on new market opportunities through targeted investment, innovation and internationalisation.


The James Hutton Institute (SEFARI Gateway)

SEFARI stands for Scottish Environment, Food and Agriculture Research Institutions, whose research and expertise provides solutions to critical mid to longer-term challenges for Scotland’s environment, agriculture, land use, food and rural communities. These institutions are underpinned by long term investment in capabilities and expertise through the Scottish Government’s Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture Research Portfolio. SEFARI Gateway, Scotland’s Centre of Expertise for Knowledge Exchange and Innovation, provides bespoke access to the Portfolio’s research, expertise, and analysis to ensure scientific evidence helps inform the health, wealth and wellbeing of Scotland.

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Moredun Research Institute

Moredun Research Institute conducts world class scientific research to improve livestock health and welfare through the prevention and control of infectious diseases of livestock.

Established by Scottish farmers in 1920, Moredun’s work has always been firmly based on addressing the needs of the farming industry. Moredun’s research has led to the development of many vaccines, diagnostic tests and improved treatment strategies for farm animals across the globe.

Moredun Scientific is a contract research organisation specialising in animal health and aquaculture product development and biosafety testing of biopharmaceuticals.

We support animal health and biopharmaceutical companies by testing their products and providing data to support development decisions, registration and commercialisation.

Set in beautifully landscaped surroundings, Pentlands Science Park is the much admired home of the Moredun Group.

Pentlands Science Park also provides an excellent supported environment for over 20 commercial tenants involved in R&D in life sciences and their activities.

Covering all areas of property and facilities management, including security, engineering, IT, catering and conferencing, Pentlands Science Park offers a relaxing an, which d practical working environment.

The excellent amenities and Pentlands Science Park’s active encouragement of collaboration between tenants are testament to its commitment to the biotechnology sector.


IBioIC is a networking and support organisation that enables the deployment of Scotland’s excellence across research, innovation and training in applied biotechnology to deliver health and wealth, green growth and an entrepreneurial nation. We do this by offering support for early-stage R&D collaborations, scale-up, talent development and the promotion of Scotland’s unique capabilities in the bioeconomy.

University of the Highland and Islands

The University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) is a unique and diverse academic institution with over 70 campuses spread across the region.  Offering more than 300 courses, UHI serves a student body of over 40,000, achieving a 93% student satisfaction rate and the top ranking for post-graduate satisfaction in Scotland.

UHI’s research is highly esteemed, with 75% classified as world-leading or internationally excellent.

Responding to key business sectors in the Highlands and Islands, UHI has established several Hubs and Sector Groups.  One notable example is the UHI Aquaculture Hub, which unites aquaculture researchers, educators, consultants, students, and facilities to foster innovation in finfish, shellfish, seaweed, and aquaculture environments.  Together, we create and support innovation in aquaculture.

Salmon Scotland

Salmon Scotland represents the Scottish salmon sector, the UK’s biggest food export. We are a source of trusted information and represent our members’ interests in Scotland, across the UK and internationally.

At Salmon Scotland, we take on the responsibility of fostering long-term, sustainable growth in the salmon sector. Our mission is to make sure that more consumers, both at home and abroad, get the chance to relish the exceptional taste of Scottish salmon.

Representing every company involved in salmon farming in Scotland, as well as other key players along the Scottish salmon supply chain, we are committed to championing the sector’s interests. By collaborating with our members, the UK and Scottish governments, and regulators, we actively contribute to shaping a regulatory environment that allows both Scotland and our members to prosper.

Weber Shandwick

Weber Shandwick is the earned-first global communications agency. Led by world-class strategic and creative thinkers and activators, Weber Shandwick has won some of the most prestigious awards in the industry, including PRWeek’s Global Agency of the Year 2024. With offices across Scotland and a network extending to 113 cities on six continents, Weber Shandwick is Scotland’s only communications agency with a global presence. The agency has extensive expertise in supporting AAA businesses, including Intelligent Growth Solutions, Calysta, Quality Meat Scotland, MOWI and the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board.


Tayfusion Digital is a database design company and digital transformation consultancy. Our team have been developing business systems for 25 years.
We specialise in business data systems and innovative Agritech technologies. Our systems are designed to be ‘software and industry agnostic’, meaning that they can be integrated into existing systems easily and applied in any environment to support most business types and models.
Our Agritech products aim to address the pinch points experienced by industry practitioners. We reach across sectors including crops, cattle or soft fruits. By digitising processes we can drive operational efficiencies, reduce waste and eliminate repetitive tasks.

Start Up/SME Sponsors


Krucial pioneers industrial digitization by connecting organizations to data from their sites and assets anywhere on Earth. Our satellite-enabled technology transfers data from industrial IoT devices to any data application, empowering data-driven decision making to streamline operations, reduce risks and enhance sustainability.

Krucial’s Connected Seafarm, and end-to-end digitization solution for aquaculture, provides unparalleled insights for boosting productivity and maximizing yield. From environmental and algal bloom monitoring to remote centralized feeding, Connected Seafarm facilitates remote farm management from anywhere on Earth, optimizing operations, fish growth and enhancing efficiency.



Innogando is an Agrotech company specializing in advanced technology for livestock monitoring and location. Their main product, Rumi, is a smartwatch for cows that tracks animal behavior in real-time, including heat detection, birthing alerts, and early disease detection. Innogando’s solutions enhance farm productivity and sustainability, benefiting farmers, consumers, and related industries. Innogando is at the forefront of digital transformation in the agricultural sector, driving efficiency and responsible livestock management.

Beta Bugs Ltd.

Beta Bugs is an insect genetics company developing and distributing black soldier fly breeds to the insect farming sector. The company is headquartered adjacent to the Roslin Institute, leaders in animal genetics, just outside of Edinburgh, UK.

The company’s mission is to double the output of our entire industry through the use of genetics, HiPer-Fly®, which it achieves by applying selective breeding to deliver improved genetic performance to the Black Soldier Fly industry, which it supplies from its egg production facility, The Multiplier®. This enables the insect farming industry to produce a protein that is competitive on price point against existing feed ingredients.

SHARP Genomic Analytics

SHARP Genomic Analytics is currently in the Scottish Enterprise High-Growth Spin-out Programme and will spin-out early in 2025. Based on over 10 years’ experience in gene expression analysis of RNA-sequencing (RNA-seq) data, SHARP-GA has developed a suite of advanced software for accurate and rapid analysis of gene expression and alternative splicing in plant, animal and human systems.

“3D RNA-seq” provides a fully comprehensive differential gene and alternative splicing analysis in under two hours. This enabling technology is directly relevant to the A3 Scotland meeting themes of Animal Health, Agriculture and Aquaculture. 3D RNA-seq has been used to analyse RNA-seq data in human prostate cancer, obesity and retinitis pigmentosa, bacterial infections in honey bees, the effects of increased water temperature on cultured carp and coral reef fish, impact of fracking on freshwater fish, and biotic and abiotic stress in crop plants etc.

The automated pipeline uses state-of-the-art approaches and is designed for scientists, clinicians, students with little or no bioinformatics or computational experience. The speed and accuracy of the analysis and quality of result presentation saves cost and time as well as accelerating research.

Zonova Animal Health

Zonova has developed antimicrobial technology that can be easily embedded into standard, commercially available, medical devices (like sutures, catheters, drains, etc). Our technology fights infections at the source, reducing both the risk of infection and need to use antibiotics. Our mission is to help address the global antimicrobial resistance crisis by providing an effective alternative for both animal and human health.



Rethink Carbon

Rethink Carbon is a climate-tech startup that is revolutionising land management with an innovative platform. Our mission is to empower land managers by providing a user-friendly tool that enhances decision-making for the benefit of nature, climate and communities.

WellFish Tech Ltd

WellFish Tech have pioneered high throughput processing of serum from blood that has been non-lethally sampled from fish, for health monitoring and diagnostic applications. Through the use of high-capacity machines and advanced data analysis, the Company is able to advise fish health managers and veterinarians on the health status of their fish based upon their blood chemistry.


Discover Dyneval – a platform technology for motility measurement, patented by physicists.

Our core technology enables precise motility measurement of spermatozoa and microorganisms, such as bacteria and algae.  Launched into the livestock production market in 2022, its versatile application extends to human fertility and biotechnology.

For the fertility industry, our vision is to become the gold standard for semen quality assessment, available to anyone anywhere, delivering automated precision based on absolute measurement.  Our ground-breaking approach allows for the first-ever measurement of semen motility lifetime under quasi-in-vivo conditions, providing unparalleled insights into pre-conception sperm behaviour correlated with improved conception rates.

Our technology is helping livestock production to inform breeding plans and ensure quality at every stage of the supply chain. We are revenue-generating with sales across six continents, supporting farmers’ sustainability goals through optimising production and enhancing food security whilst lowering methane emissions.


AgriSound Limited was launched in January 2020 and is based in York. The company was founded by Casey Woodward, an experienced agri-tech innovation expert, with an aim to bring modern technology to insect monitoring. AgriSound has created special smart sensors and listening devices to monitor insects across a range of environments including beekeeping, farming, educational and corporate sites, with the aim of deploying sensors across the planet to transform how people monitor insect activity and make a positive impact on biodiversity.
Since its establishment, AgriSound has partnered with a number of companies and projects, including Dyson Farming, Innocent Drinks, National Trust Scotland and Royal Horticultural Society to spread the message worldwide and is continually looking for opportunities to branch out further.
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Agrecalc, a carbon footprint tool developed by combining practical expertise with world-class agricultural science, is a precise instrument that offers both breadth and depth of on-farm and through-the-supply-chain calculations of GHG gas emissions.

Agrecalc is the largest source of collated farm benchmark data from thousands of farms, having been used as the designated tool to deliver carbon audits under various schemes since 2016. It is recognised as the preferred carbon calculator in many of the emerging government programmes.

With a mission to increase efficiency and business viability of food production, the scientists, consultants, and developers who work on Agrecalc, strive to constantly upgrade the calculator according to the most up-to-date available research results and recommendations.

Mi:RNA logo


MI:RNA is a high traction, high growth, innovative veterinary company with a strong first mover advantage in the microRNA space. They are a female led, gender balanced team of leading experts with an entrepreneurial mindset and a diverse range of skills, set to bring this technology to the global market. The technology that MI:RNA have created works in the epigenetic space, using nucleotides and AI to, not only diagnose disease accurately, but, vitally, to predict disease progression. They are the only company, in the world, to bring microRNA epigenetic tests to market, that’s either in veterinary or in human health.

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Herd Advance

As we enter the 4th agricultural revolution, our mission at Herd Advance is to help farmers embrace innovative digital technologies to improve their production practices and address current climate challenges. Stockman, our core technology solution, is pivotal in advancing cattle production. It drives performance, reduces costs, improves labor efficiency, and lowers carbon output, all while promoting the health and welfare of ruminant livestock. By leveraging advanced technology, Herd Advance is committed to transforming the future of agriculture, ensuring sustainable and efficient farming practices for the next generation of cattle farmers.

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Peacock Technology

At Peacock Technology, we leverage robotics and artificial intelligence to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of dairy farming. Our advanced cow health and welfare monitoring systems deliver time and cost savings, empowering farmers to embrace the future of agriculture. By providing farmers with insights into animal health, nutrition, and well-being, we help ensure a more reliable food supply.  By partnering with industry leaders, we offer innovative solutions and programs that optimise herd health and boost profitability through precision farming techniques. Our efforts focus on improving production, reducing emissions, and increasing sustainable food production to ensure a greener future for agriculture.

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