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EIT Food

EIT Food is the world’s largest and most dynamic agri-food innovation community. We accelerate innovation to build a future-fit agri-food system that produces healthy and sustainable food for all.
Supported by the EU, we invest in projects, organisations, and individuals that share our goals for a healthy and sustainable food system. We unlock innovation potential in businesses and universities and create and scale agri-food startups to bring new technologies and products to market. We equip entrepreneurs and professionals with the skills needed to transform the food system and put consumers at the heart of our work, helping build trust by reconnecting them to the origins of their food.
We are one of 9 innovation communities established by the European Institute for Innovation & Technology (EIT), an independent EU body set up in 2008 to drive innovation and entrepreneurship across Europe.

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The James Hutton Institute (SEFARI Gateway)

SEFARI stands for Scottish Environment, Food and Agriculture Research Institutions, whose research and expertise provides solutions to critical mid to longer-term challenges for Scotland’s environment, agriculture, land use, food and rural communities. These institutions are underpinned by long term investment in capabilities and expertise through the Scottish Government’s Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture Research Portfolio. SEFARI Gateway, Scotland’s Centre of Expertise for Knowledge Exchange and Innovation, provides bespoke access to the Portfolio’s research, expertise, and analysis to ensure scientific evidence helps inform the health, wealth and wellbeing of Scotland.

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Agrecalc, a carbon footprint tool developed by combining practical expertise with world-class agricultural science, is a precise instrument that offers both breadth and depth of on-farm and through-the-supply-chain calculations of GHG gas emissions.

Agrecalc is the largest source of collated farm benchmark data from thousands of farms, having been used as the designated tool to deliver carbon audits under various schemes since 2016. It is recognised as the preferred carbon calculator in many of the emerging government programmes.

With a mission to increase efficiency and business viability of food production, the scientists, consultants, and developers who work on Agrecalc, strive to constantly upgrade the calculator according to the most up-to-date available research results and recommendations.

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MI:RNA is a high traction, high growth, innovative veterinary company with a strong first mover advantage in the microRNA space. They are a female led, gender balanced team of leading experts with an entrepreneurial mindset and a diverse range of skills, set to bring this technology to the global market. The technology that MI:RNA have created works in the epigenetic space, using nucleotides and AI to, not only diagnose disease accurately, but, vitally, to predict disease progression. They are the only company, in the world, to bring microRNA epigenetic tests to market, that’s either in veterinary or in human health.

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