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SHARP Genomic Analytics

SHARP Genomic Analytics is currently in the Scottish Enterprise High-Growth Spin-out Programme and will spin-out early in 2025. Based on over 10 years’ experience in gene expression analysis of RNA-sequencing (RNA-seq) data, SHARP-GA has developed a suite of advanced software for accurate and rapid analysis of gene expression and alternative splicing in plant, animal and human systems.

“3D RNA-seq” provides a fully comprehensive differential gene and alternative splicing analysis in under two hours. This enabling technology is directly relevant to the A3 Scotland meeting themes of Animal Health, Agriculture and Aquaculture. 3D RNA-seq has been used to analyse RNA-seq data in human prostate cancer, obesity and retinitis pigmentosa, bacterial infections in honey bees, the effects of increased water temperature on cultured carp and coral reef fish, impact of fracking on freshwater fish, and biotic and abiotic stress in crop plants etc.

The automated pipeline uses state-of-the-art approaches and is designed for scientists, clinicians, students with little or no bioinformatics or computational experience. The speed and accuracy of the analysis and quality of result presentation saves cost and time as well as accelerating research.