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Discover Dyneval – a platform technology for motility measurement, patented by physicists.

Our core technology enables precise motility measurement of spermatozoa and microorganisms, such as bacteria and algae.  Launched into the livestock production market in 2022, its versatile application extends to human fertility and biotechnology.

For the fertility industry, our vision is to become the gold standard for semen quality assessment, available to anyone anywhere, delivering automated precision based on absolute measurement.  Our ground-breaking approach allows for the first-ever measurement of semen motility lifetime under quasi-in-vivo conditions, providing unparalleled insights into pre-conception sperm behaviour correlated with improved conception rates.

Our technology is helping livestock production to inform breeding plans and ensure quality at every stage of the supply chain. We are revenue-generating with sales across six continents, supporting farmers’ sustainability goals through optimising production and enhancing food security whilst lowering methane emissions.