Committee Member Biography

Adam Giangreco

Head of Business Development, Rural and Veterinary Innovation Centre (RAVIC).

Adam, an expert in commercial, translational, and applied life sciences, is SRUC’s Head of Business Development for the Rural and Veterinary Innovation Centre (RAVIC) in Inverness. Adam’s background spans both academia and industry, having run an independent research group within the University College London Division of Medicine followed by time with The Technology Partnership, a life sciences and technology consultancy based in Cambridge. More recently, Adam served as Director of Health and Life Sciences Innovation for the University of the Highlands and Islands before joining SRUC in 2023. Adam’s passion is linking entrepreneurs, academics, and businesses to help accelerate the design, development, and application of innovative, sustainable health and life sciences technologies that address global unmet needs in human and animal health, agriculture, and aquaculture. His approach emphasises dynamic team working, holistic stakeholder engagement, and real world evidence generation.

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