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Rachael Wakefield

Rachael Wakefield

Business Development Manager, CENSIS

Rachael Wakefield’s technical background is in materials biodeterioration and laser and LED-based environmental sensing. A specialist in IP and technology transfer, she has almost 20 years’ experience in the set up and management of collaborative R&D projects, contracts, and technology licensing, including university spin outs. She understands the technical and commercial challenges from both sides of the fence as an academic researcher and as a co-founder in a technology start up.


At CENSIS, Rachael has a broad interest in enabling technologies, and leads on innovations that can deliver solutions to challenges in agriculture, water, the wider natural environment and tourism.


Prior to joining CENSIS, Rachael was part of the University of Aberdeen’s research commercialisation team, managing five of the 10 academic teams that spun out of the university during her time there. Rachael’s expertise is underpinned by applied academic research in environmental science, laser spectroscopy and optics-based sensing of materials. She holds a PhD in soil pollution microbiology from the University of Aberdeen.


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