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Dennis Overton

Dennis Overton

Chair of the West Highland - based natural capital business, Ardtornish

From a base in the Scottish Highlands, Dennis has spent the last 40 years starting and building businesses, particularly in the blue and green economies. Other business interests include digital transformation, renewable energy, carbon sequestration and ecological restoration. The long-term impact for good of the well-run firm has been an important focus throughout his career, with a particular interest in progressive business ownership models.

Dennis co-chaired  Aquaculture 2030, a pan-sectoral group which set out the first industry-wide strategy for Scottish aquaculture in 2016. A believer in the power of collaboration, he chaired the industry leadership group, Scotland Food and Drink, 2018-21.

Planet friendly farming, both on land and sea, has been a long-standing priority for Dennis; he chaired the Soil Association 2014-18 and the board of the Scottish seaweed start-up Shøre 2015-22.

Over the past decade Dennis has been focusing his time on activities that have positive impact in tackling the climate emergency.

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